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Reward Page 3-en-r-EDM (Philippines)

Reward Page (Lucky Draw Prize): 


5x units of PN-773 Calibration of your existing critical orifice, to be won for free (including all shipping fees etc.)

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Winner will be notified by email


Expiry date: March 22, 2023 (Wednesday)

Please refer to the respective emails or paper mails etc. you have received.


SN^ Name* of Winners Name* of Companies or Institutions Country/ Territory


M--- ---O (Winner)

S--- ---L ---G


Example: A--- ---M
Example: C--- ---F ---H L---
Example: Philippines
1 W--- ---A C--- ---Z ---P Philippines
2 M--- ---O S--- ---L ---G


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*Only the first character of each word of names are published to maintain privacy
^Winner(s) would be chosen by Google's Random Number Generator using the serial number column. A full list of participants (names redacted) would be published here.


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